Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Artist post: Heather Phillipson

   Heather Phillipson is an artist from London, UK. Phillipson attended UWIC and Central St. Martins where she studied Middlesex-art and aesthetics, drawing, and fine art. Phillipson is an accomplished artist whose work includes sculptures, moving images, text and sound that all work together to create a visual phenomenon new to the artistic world. Phillipson is also an accomplished poet. Phillipson keeps busy with poetry readings at universities and cafes all over the UK. Her artwork has been displayed in many different venues in the UK and here in the USA.

  Her artwork uses many different kinds of media to deliver different messages to her viewers. Phillipson created an art form that transcends the viewer into a whole new world. Her work involves the viewer by inviting them to use multiple senses to experience the work. Her scenes involve sounds and music, large areas and objects that the viewer must travel through and around, and also invites the viewer to feel the objects and interact with them. The following link will direct you to a site where her pieces are explored and experienced though the lens of a camera.

   My interest in the artist came from the whimsical transcending quality of the scenes she creates. looking at one of her art works is like falling down the rabbit hole into wonderland. The artwork uses a multitude of different ways to intrigue the viewer, such as sound, video, and sculpture. The way Phillipson uses sculpture in her work is very unique. Most of the objects in her piece have an objective quality to them, but at second glance none of the objects are exactly as they seem. This adds a subjective quality to the artwork. The projected video also adds to the subjectiveness of the piece. The projections that are used in her piece, the flavour of cooling enormities, add to the idea that each object could mean exactly what it appears to mean or have a hidden deeper meaning. Phillipson is able to draw the viewer into her new world and capture their mind and imagination in a whimsical garden of objects, sounds, and projections.



  1. I absolutely loved this artist after seeing her for the first time on your blog. As someone who personally enjoys interactive installation art and beautiful, bright, pop-art colors, the images you provided for us as an audience were really interesting and fun to see. The last two pictures of her work listed above speak out to me most because of their other worldly appeal. While the first is interesting as well, the second is more inviting and interesting in the way in which it creates a portal to another room or exhibit. I also enjoyed the chair installation with video footage to be seen, I feel as though that would be a really great experience to have as a viewer seeing her work!

  2. Heather's work reminds me of something out of an old movie such as Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory or The Wizard of Oz. It pops out at you and makes you giggle a little at the hilarity of the a giraffe cutout eating a giant raspberry or a car driving into a tv screen of a mouth. It has a light hearted and child like flow to her art that makes you feel like you are in a giant playpen.

  3. I like how Heather really integrates different mediums of art, sort of creating a mixed media atmosphere in which the artist is communicative with the viewer, it's a very interactive atmosphere in which the viewer is not simply an observer, but also a participant in the art, which creates a sort of unique exchange.