Monday, January 26, 2015

Technology Log- 1/24/15- 1/25/15

  For my technology log I kept track of the different electronics I used over the weekend and how many hours I used each of the devices. I will order this log by the device I used the most to the device I used the least. Keep in mind the hours are rounded to the nearest whole number. Also I typically use more than one device at a time. 
  • Cell Phone- 23 Hours 
  • Laptop- 10 Hours 
  • T.V.- 6 Hours
  • Ipad- 4 Hours 
  • Lab Computer 2 Hours 
  • Blow Dryer- 1 Hour
  • Straightener- 1 Hour 
  • Microwave- 3 Min.

  For a typical weekend I use 57 hours worth of technology. My cell phone being the number one advocator for my technology usage, helps me to realize the real impact technology has on my life. I can not go anywhere without my phone and I am not able to do the majority of my school work without my laptop. This dependence on technology has really encouraged me to try a weekend with out any kind of electronics. This would be nearly impossible considering the impact technology has on modern life. Another factor to consider is that I have not included the devices we overlook every day such as, lights, heat, running water and all the other simple devices that we use everyday. Technology is a huge part of everyones life in this modern culture. 

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