Sunday, March 8, 2015

Artist Post: Helen Huang (Vector Artist)

Helen Huang, Also known as CQcat is a digital artist born in china. Huang was always interested in art and design. Growing up in china, Huang was told that artist or designer would not be a good occupation to invest in. This idea led Huang to pursue a career in law instead of art. Huang quickly realized that this career was not for her and moved to the US to get a masters degree in Advertising. Huang always knew she wanted to be in a creative field. This desire led her to make the switch from lawyer to designer. 

Huang's experience with digital design came when she and a friend decided to create a Chinese language learning Flash site. When creating this site Huang had to begin learning all the design software that she needed to create graphics for the project. Huang taught her self how to use the software and tools used in the design process. Huang is now a full time designer at an interactive ad agency.

Huang starts with a pencil sketch on paper and then scans her sketch on to her computer. She uses dual monitors to work from because they are more convenient for working on complicated projects. Once the pictures are scanned she uses illustrator to create her image. All of Huang's images have to do with woman and fashion. Huang wanted to be a fashion designer when she was younger and carries that passion on into her work. She is currently working on a children's book. In the future Huang would like to become a professional fashion illustrator for magazines. 

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