Thursday, March 26, 2015

Blog Post: Reaction to "Identify Yourself"(Language of LOL)

  This post is about the new "internet language" that has come to be in the new technological age. The invention of these many different acronyms has become a new way of speech. The author of the article believes that this new way of speech is vital to the evolution of language. She uses the example of old english as a way to show that language can change to become more accessible and easy to use. 
  I agree with most of what the posts talks about. I think that the new internet language has created a new language that is easy to use. This new language is something that gives us new ways of communicating emotions. There is not word to describe the emotion you feel when laughing but the new word LOL is able to capture that emotion in a single term.  over all i believe that internet language is an advantage to society and a new emotional way to express feeling that we were not able to express before.

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